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Make this summer a showstopper.

Your student wants to have a memorable summer—and we’re in the business of creating summers packed with memories.

Get to know Spotlighters Show Choir Camp Program this July 8th-12th 2024:

Five Fun-Filled
Days of Camp

of incredible show choir fun
for students rising in grades 1-12.



One Incredible Night

with our Signature Performance,
showcasing all age groups.

Lunches are Included.

Every student gets lunch daily.
No need to pack that lunch.

Discover the Spotlight

Learn what it means to truly shine
together, shine inside, and shine through.

Spotlighters Show Choir Camp is a transformative 5-day experience for rising 1st through 12th-grade students, complete with their Signature Performance showcasing their week's learning and growth.

We believe that show choir is for everyone!

At Spotlighters, we have show choir teams for 4 specific age groups. Each team is filled with
25 students who become a harmonious ensemble after just one week together!


Even if your student has never done show choir, now's their chance!
Let them sing, dance, and check out what all the fun is about.

It's not just a camp, it's a real production experience—for everyone!

Students of all ages and skill levels (1st grade through 12th) are invited to come together for a week of fun and magic, learning exciting music and choreography taught by an energetic team of leaders and educators. They get to see, hear, and feel what a real show choir is like from start to finish.

Your student will get a first-hand look at what it takes to produce a show from music and direction to staging, production, and lights, surrounded by our passionate Spotlighter Counselors ready to help them shine.

Together with their peers, they create a one-of-a-kind evening performance for friends and family that promises to be a highlight of your family's summer.

What's being a Spotlighter like?

Not all show choir camps are created equal.
Here's a sneak peek at how we create magic in just
one week for you and your camper.

8:30 AM Arrival

Campers arrive and we assemble as a group. On Day One, they're introduced to their Spotlighters Counselor and get to know their fellow campers, or as we like to call themshow choir team.

Music Direction:
Style, Parts, and Phrasing.

Campers join their Show Choir Team along with their Spotlighters Counselor and work with their Vocal Director.

Together they learn the week's musical theme, their musical selection, their vocal part and individual solo. Spotlighters discover the big ideas that make show choir "POP"—the elements of vocal style, individual parts, and breathing—and start to give the music life.

Lunch Break:
Intentional Food and

Spotlighters Counselors and their Show Choir Team head to the cafeteria. Along with our daily conversation prompt, they connect our lesson for the day with campers.

Time, Energy, Space.

Students discover the fundamentals of choreography and learn to coordinate as a group in their  Show Choir Team.

Together they explore posture, body position, footwork, hand movement, and physical expression while they put them together with time, energy, and space.

Final Gathering and
the WrapUp.

All the Spotlighters gather together at the end of the day for what we call "the WrapUp." It's our opportunity to integrate what we've all worked on together as one unified Show Choir Team. We learn to share the platform with teammates of all ages and hear what's important to them, feeling seen and heard.

As we integrate, we conclude our day with our theme of the day, internalizing what it means to "shine through."

2:30 PM, the Spotlighter Preview:
a Special Sneak Peak + WrapUp.

Who doesn't love a sneak peek at something good? Each day, a different Show Choir Team will share with everyone what they're learning.

This allows them to shake off the jitters, discover the support of being seen by their peers, and experience first-hand what it's like to perform—all before the big day.

Registered parents/sponsors and drivers are welcome to come and show their support to campers during this mini-preview, and ensure Spotlighters get picked up on-time! We also make announcements, and it’s a great chance for you to connect with your counselor to learn how the day went. 

3 PM, Spotlighter Pickup

Coordinating rides can be difficult. That's why we ensure all campers are allowed to be signed out by a pre-registered driver, ensuring the safety of all our campers and coordination on everyone's part.

Our Spotlighters Counselors handle sign-outs personally for each of their team, ensuring your camper gets home on time and only with registered drivers.

The Big Day:
the Spotlighters Signature Performance

Cue the lights, the curtains, and the music. This is where it all comes together.

After 5 days of hard work, learning, and growth, each Show Choir Team graduates to the main stage, where campers show in unison how we all can shine inside and out.

Friends, family, and everyone in between with a ticket get to enjoy and experience the magic of show choir together in the Spotlighter Signature Performance.

More information about getting tickets to the Signature Performance will be sent at a later date. 

Wow! Are you ready to become a Spotlighter yet?

We can't wait to see you on stage! July 8th-12th, 2024

One magical week together that will shine for years to come.

It's more than just 5 days of song and dance–it's a once-a-year experience.

Think students are here to have fun? Absolutely! But there's way more to it than that.
Every session of camp is built with intentionality to build character, confidence, and community.

At Spotlighters, campers learn to shine together, shine inside, and shine through. It's more than a tagline, it's our core guiding belief. Here's what that means:

Shine Together

Students learn that show choir is more than just singing and dancing on stage. They discover the importance of teamwork hands-on and develop coordination and communication skills with others—creating a true foundation for success, both on-stage and off.

Campers Learn: Teamwork, Support, Community

Shine Inside

Throughout the week, campers grow, and discover how to shine their own unique light inside, developing self-esteem and confidence, building their own belief and truer understanding of themselves.

Campers Learn: Acceptance, Confidence, Character

Shine Through

Working with our experienced directors and staff, campers discover skills and values that extend beyond the stage. Spotlighters build confidence that translates into the classroom, playing field, and even everyday experiences.

Campers Learn: Celebrating Others, Celebrating Self, Integrity

Where Community Shines.

We've partnered with Deshler High School and the leadership at Tuscumbia City Schools to bring Spotlighters to the Shoals community—complete with all the facilities needed to put the spotlight on your very own community, for your very own campers.

Hear what folks are saying.

Don't take our word for it. Here's a glimpse at what awaits you.

My four years in Show Choir with the two of them are filled with some of my favorite memories. I loved the opportunity to sing and dance and to do it all with my closest friends! I also developed much more self-confidence and learned to lean into the joy of self-expression. I would highly recommend working with Jeremy and Laurie, as they will pour into you, and you’ll discover parts of yourself you didn’t know existed, grow the parts you did, and have a blast doing it.

Russell Durdunji
Former Student

As an adult, when someone finds out I was a “show choir kid,” I can’t help but to explain to them the complex skills and personal abilities that show choir uniquely teaches. Adaptability is chief among them for me. Jeremy and Laurie showed us that “The show must go on” didn’t mean that issues were glossed over for the sake of entertainment. It meant that the cast and crew used the support systems in place to multitask, delegate, and adapt to any changes or issues that arose. Most importantly, Jeremy and Laurie taught me that if you have the privilege to elect to do whatever you’re doing, it should ultimately be fun and provide you with joy.

Jessica Ly
Former Student

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Show Choir under Jeremy and Mrs. Mitchell. It helped me grow in confidence as an entertainer and taught me that putting together a quality show takes a lot of time and effort. They selflessly poured so much into preparing us to put on a great show. They worked us hard but also made practices fun and kept us encouraged. I would highly recommend working under Jeremy and Mrs. Mitchell as they are a great team and know how to train entertainers!

Britlyn Jarrett Duncan
Former Student

Jeremy Painter and Laurie Mitchell are a dream team. Their love for God and love for each other manifests itself in a love for their students and the arts. They combine passion and compassion with serious knowledge and skill. And they’re funny! They’re so fun to work with. I can’t recommend them enough. Working with them in show choir in high school, they really fostered a collaborative atmosphere where I was encouraged to take the lead and be my full self as an artist. And those are lessons I’ve taken with me to Broadway and beyond.

Garrett Turner
Former Student

Get to Know Your Directors

Spotlighters is the passion project and brainchild of Shoals natives and directors, Jeremy Painter and Laurie Mitchell—born out of personal connection and passion for show choir excellence.

Together they bring over 40 combined years of experience in the performing arts in the Alabama and Tennessee region—ensuring your camper is learning from some of the country’s best.

But for Jeremy and Laurie, show choir isn’t just an activity—it’s highly personal. They've directed award-winning show choirs, competed in national events, worked with major arts organizations, and have experienced first-hand the transformative power of what it means to be in a show choir, as a performer, a parent, and as a director.

Together they bring their passion and excitement to the table to inspire and teach future generations the transformative power that show choir inspires.

Now Registering for Summer 2024.

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Mark the dates: July 8th-12th

Curious about what your registration includes?
We got you.

You can't go to camp without being prepared.

To keep costs up-front and as reasonable as possible, we share what camp registration includes, and what it doesn't.

Students arrive daily at 8:30 am and are picked up promptly at 3:00 pm. Spotlighters should wear loose, comfortable clothing and close-toed sneakers to camp.

Spotlighters Performance T-Shirt

Your student will perform in unison and in-style in their new Spotlighters T-Shirt.

A Healthy Lunch Every Day

Worried about packing a lunch? We've got you covered. Campers get a nutritious meal each day.
(Be sure to notify us of allergens/health-related concerns in your registration).

Showcase Performance

Each camper who attends all five days becomes an official Spotlighter—performing for friends and family in an exclusive ticketed event.

Fun, Affirming Environment.

Making every camper know they belong is something we take seriously—show choir is for everyone.

  • As a previous member of multiple Show Choirs directed by Laurie Mitchell & Jeremy Painter, I can say that working with both of them can be summed up in one word…fun!  I remember long days with multiple rehearsals, and I can only remember positive moments. They encouraged teamwork, built confidence on the stage, worked one on one with me when I need to improve on my personal performance, and instilled the spirit of joy and laughter in all things. The level of experience and passion for the arts that they bring collectively will be such a blessing for students in the Shoals area. Without hesitation, I hope my children get the opportunity to work with these two people who always pushed me to let my light shine on and off the stage.
    Sarabeth Little Bowen
    Former Student
REGISTER RIGHT NOW! Spotlighters only happens once a year. Space is limited to 100 students, packages will go fast. 

We're ready for you!

We believe everyone should be given the chance to shine. That's why we've made our registration simple, easy, and as accessible as possible.


Don't forget to get permission!
Every student needs to have permission to participate by their parent or legal guardian. If you don't know a student but would like to sponsor or donate, send us a message here.

Spotlighters Star Package

per camper registration.

  • 5 Days of Spotlighters Camp
  • Spotlighters 2024 T Shirt
  • Daily Lunches
  • Signature Performance
  • Presale Ticket Access

Don't Wait! Spotlighters only
happens once a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? That's a good thing! We want you to make the best choice for your camper. Check out our most frequently asked questions here.

How much is camp?

Our registration is $315. Spotlighters Show Choir Camp is built to be as affordable as possible for all campers, families, and sponsors.

Where is Spotlighters Camp being held this year?

The inaugural Spotlighters Camp is going to be held at Deshler High School, located at 200 N Commons St E, Tuscumbia, AL 35674.

How does Spotlighters Show Choir Camp accommodate children with special needs?

While we aim to be inclusive, our camp is not specifically designed for children with special needs that inhibit their ability to sing, dance, and perform on stage. We're committed to understanding individual requirements.

Email us at to discuss your child's needs before submitting payment. Please note that we may need to assess whether we have the training and resources to adequately support your child's needs during our camp sessions.

What should my child wear to the performance on Friday night?

Each Spotlighter will be given their 2024 performance t-shirt on Thursday to take home and wear for Friday’s performance. This shirt is included in your tuition. Please wear appropriate length khaki shorts and tennis shoes for the show.

How do I register my child?

You can click any of the tabs on the page that say "Register Now," or click here

What does camp include?

Each camper registration includes participation for five (5) days of Spotlighters Show Choir Camp, one lunch each day, Spotlighters 2024 t-shirt, and participation in the week's final Spotlight Showcase Performance.

What if my child has special dietary needs or food allergies?

If your students has special or specific dietary needs, click YES in the registration, so we can coordinate with you personally.

My child is a picky eater. Can my family opt out of the daily lunch offering?

Our registration price is $315 whether your child eats the prepared menu or opts to bring their own lunch. Closer to July we will provide you with a menu so your family can plan accordingly.

Who are the staff members at Spotlighters Show Choir Camp?

At Spotlighters Show Choir Camp, our staff members are a dynamic team of enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about music, dance, and inspiring young performers. They are carefully selected for their talent, positive attitude, and dedication to fostering a supportive environment for children to grow and learn.

Our staff includes experienced professionals from various backgrounds, including educators, performers, and choreographers.

What if I need to cancel?

If for any reason your camper can no longer attend, please contact us at before May 1st for a refund.

If you withdraw from camp before May 1st, a refund of $235 will be issued. No refunds will be issued after May 1st. Tuition may not be transferred to another camper or camp year.

My child will have to miss one day of camp.  Can he/she still attend?

We cover a lot of music and choreography in 5 days to put on our final Spotlighters performance by Friday night, so attendance is crucial. While we understand that conflicts come up, your child must attend all 5 days in order to appear on stage Friday night. 

When is the final Spotlighters Signature Performance?

Our Signature Performance will occur on the evening of Friday, July 12 in the Deshler High School Auditorium. This event will be a publicly ticketed event for your family and friends to attend. We are working out the additional details regarding the cost of tickets and show time. More info to come. 

Is there a video I can purchase of the final camp performance?

We want you to be present and experience the show live with us. We prefer that you do not video during the performance. Each year a professional video of the performance is available as a future purchase from our videographer. More information to come. 

A community where everyone can shine too.

Adults of all kinds have a place in Spotlighters too. It takes a passionate community of volunteers, sponsors, parents, and crew to make our camp happen—and our community always has room for you.

Here are a few ways you can join us:

Show Choir Team Counselors

Our Show Choir Team Counselors are the heart of our team. They ensure our campers are seen, safe, and feel engaged from the moment your student walks in the door to the time you sign them out.
Become a Team Counselor

Performance Volunteers

From ticket sales, and finding seats, to selling merch, our performance volunteers help fill in the gaps during camp and our performance. 
Be a Volunteer

Program Sponsors

Program sponsors are vital as they help us subsidize the Spotlighters program so we don't have to spread our event costs across every ticket, keeping them affordable and realistic for families.
Become a Sponsor

Scholarships Sponsor

Scholarship Sponsors help make going to Spotlighters a reality for those who typically wouldn't be able to attend. You can nominate a child. All scholarships are anonymous and given by Spotlighters directly.
Provide a Scholarship

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