Do you love show choir? Let's talk.

For one week a crew of passionate show choir counselors assemble from all over the SouthEast to help make a difference in a students life as a Spotlighters Team Leader (counselor). They're the heartbeat of our camp.

You could make an incredible difference in a student's life.

Every summer a passionate group of college students enrolled part or full-time in college join us to support the next generation of performers. Is that you?



Become a Spotlighter Team Leader

In a nutshell? One week. One hundred students. Four age groups—and an incredible team of people creating experiences and memories for years to come.


Share Your Passion.

Each Counselor is in charge of working with a pod of students, in one of the four show choir teams.

Together, you'll work with these campers to help them learn their songs, guide their choreography, and help inspire their experience.

Intentional Values.

From conversations during lunch to one-on-one moments, we'll give you the tools and prompts to help guide the students each day.

Every morning starts with our team meeting where we share the goal and touchpoints for the day so you feel confident on how-to guide.

Always Supported.

Spotlighters Team Leaders get the support they need, long before showing up each morning.

We build our team each year, onboarding and building community with our Spotlighters Crew long before the big week. Support during the day is just a text away.

Currently recruiting students to join us from:

Why become a Spotlighters Team Leader?

Campers are students in grades 1st thru 12th grade looking to discover the magic and fun of show choir. But they need a guide, someone who already embodies the passion, fun, and excitement of someone who's been there before.

That's where you come in.


What you get from being a Team Leader.

For one week, we take care of housing, meals, and all the leadership support. You show up with a big heart, passion for performance, and a commitment to be your favorite self.

Here are the highlights:

Spotlighters Team Leader T-Shirt

You'll get a commemorative Spotlighter's T-Shirt, exclusive to Team Leaders only.

Meals Provided.

You'll be joining students and leading conversations in the cafeteria during lunch. We'll also take care of your meals, including evenings, mornings, and the night before and morning after camp.

Housing + Transportation.

You'll have transportation to and from the venue each day either with other crew members or your Host Family. You can also drive there yourself. Either way, we got you.

Pride, Joy, and Fulfillment.

Seeing your Show Choir team up on stage, there are no words that will describe the amount of pride you'll feel seeing your campers shine. 

  • I have had the honor of being a student as well as getting to work creatively with Jeremy Painter and Laurie Mitchell. After graduating, I returned to choreograph for their shows. In that time, I learned to strive for excellence, while still making things fun for the students I worked with. Because of the experiences I gained from working with Jeremy and Laurie, I was able to go on and work with elementary show choir, and share what I learned about showmanship and perseverance! I am excited to return to work with them in this next season, and can’t wait to share the same learning experiences with new show choir students! 
    Ashley Hargett
    Former Student
  • Laurie and Jeremy are masterful at balancing fun and hard work within the world of show choir. Their greatest impact on my life came through their mentorship throughout high school and college as a member of their creative team. I learned from both Jeremy and Laurie how to lead others with empathy and how to build rapport quickly within a team. I could not recommend two better individuals to entrust with your performing arts education!
    Austin Collum
    Former Student

Frequently Asked Questions.

We want you to feel prepared. Have a question that you don't see here? Let us know.

Is this paid / how much do I earn?

Currently, our Team Leader roles are volunteer-based with stipend and per-diem for food, including housing (if needed) with a local host family. 

Where do I stay? What do I eat?

Housing will be taken care of through the sponsorship of a host family. You will be provided housing and meals. Outside of group meals, a per diem will be provided for you, or your sponsor family will provide.

What about transportation?

You'll have transportation to and from the venue each day either with other crew members or their Host Family. Travel to Tuscumbia, AL must be arranged on your own. You're also welcome to transport yourself each morning if you have a vehicle.

What if I don't know anyone else from my school?

Regardless of whether other students from your college/university sign-up, you'll get to know more great friends who love show choir just like you. You'll arrive already knowing other Crew members from our virtual team meetings. When you arrive, you'll be excited to lead together in an experience of a lifetime. 

How much time is expected of me?

Once confirmed, you'll be added to our monthly zoom calls, where you'll get to know other folks on the team. We have one a month for 30 minutes until its camp week. During the "show time" (the week of camp), you'll be on-site by 8:00 am and typically leave by 4:30 pm with the evenings on your own. On the day of the performance, you'll be "on" until the production and celebration ends.

SIGN UP TODAY Spotlighters only happens once a year for one magical week. Our Team Leader spots will fill quickly.

A quality leadership experience is just a click away.

How do you become a Team Leader?If you're interested in joining us, contact us today.

There's no obligation, and you'll hear back personally from one of our directors.

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